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Gayla is a Spiritual Alchemist, marrying the ancient ways with our current lives. 


She has been aware of her intuitive gifts from a young age and has always had a feel for natural ways. Growing up she would mix flowers and herbs to create magical concoctions. It seems only fitting after years of travel and studies that herbalism is now her focus.


Her Intuitive abilities have led to many travels and opportunities to study indigenous natural remedies and spiritual practices. Blending magic, ancestral knowledge and science together, she creates true alchemic balance, making alchemy a part of daily life. She has a deep passion for the old ways and bringing healing, hope and connection back to modern lives. Her organic herbal line Blue Lotus Alchemy was established in 2019.


Gayla has worked as a Spiritual Intuitive, Shamanic Alchemist, Workshop/Retreat Facilitator, Master Herbalist and Author. For over a decade she has mixed tradition with ceremonial alchemy, spiritual intuition, science and nature, not only to define her own best practices but to bring her unique healing abilities to her clients.

Mission Statement

To inspire and empower others to reach their full authentic self on their soul path by offering circles, sessions, products & encoded meditations.

•  Inspire
•  Support
•  Encourage
•  Empower

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