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''To say Gayla is uniquely gifted is an understatement. From the moment I met her, I knew there was something extraordinary about her. For the past few years she has been an integral part of my healing and awakening journey. She holds a loving space that meets you exactly where you’re at, empowering you to activate and integrate healing and trust your inner knowing.


Over the years I have had the pleasure of experiencing personal sessions, workshops, her products and her Sacred Site tour to Glastonbury UK. At each step of the way I have noticed profound shifts in the way I perceive myself and the world around me. This expansion has opened the door for me to have a clear understanding of who I am and why I’m here. 


The layers of mind, body and spirit that keep us stuck are vast. To be able to see these layers and unlock them in such a way that you are able to heal and awaken is true alchemy. Gayla is able to facilitate this process in ways that I have yet to fully understand.''


  Pamela (Author)

  Vancouver, BC

"I originally came to Gayla to discover more about my gifts after a short workshop. I felt she was genuine and felt like I could trust her (I have met my share of 'gifted' people). I am still as excited to participate in her various workshop. My first one was for Samhain, where we celebrated the Witches' New Year by doing cards, inviting what we wanted for the coming year and releasing what no longer served us. I also participated in a Celtic Womb Circle, where we were able to release some stagnant energies and I was even able to release some energies from a past life. I also participated in the Yule Circle which is my favourite one. I love this magical time and the sharing of an offering. Gayla always takes time to channel Spirit for each participant (with their permission of course) and explains the rituals as well as their origins. I truly recommend her workshops to everyone who wants to feel more connected and part of a magical community. You always meet amazing people."


     Edson, AB

"I love Gayla's teas!! I have been faithfully drinking a variety of Gayla's teas since 2019 & they are a part of my self-care routine. I love their flavours and more often than not I'm mixing a tsp of 3-5 different teas in one pot. The healing and health benefits are substantial, I have been drinking ImmuniTea almost every day since 2019 & have not had any form of cold in that time (I was working in the public until a few months ago) as well have noticed various shifts in my overall well being. I highly recommend Blue Lotus Alchemy, Gayla is well educated & will work with you to find the best solution for what ails you, whether that be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional."


     Edson, AB

"I've been privy to Gayla's teas for almost 2 years now, and each time I've made myself a cup, I instantly feel the magic. When I take my first sip, it's like a warm surge of love from inside out, each sip is something that gives you strength, power and confidence, or sometimes it's that of peace and comfort, it just brings a smile of clarity. But each brew always brings you happiness with its melange of flavours. She's amazing at finding the perfect blend of herbs and spices, from every drinking to full moons and self-care ceremonies. She has a knack for these creations and I'm always sure to have my selection stocked! I can't recommend her enough for all of her products!! Salves, sprays, tears, readings - she is a go-to for any healing you need! She's bloody brilliant."


     Edson, AB

"For anyone who is looking for guidance, clarity, peace and peace of mind, to say that this sweet woman can provide it for you is an understatement. I recently had a reading with Gayla and I can honestly say that it changed my life. Her gentle insight flowed through her freely and washed over me leaving me feeling light and 'floaty' with peace and happiness for days. She was able to connect effortlessly with my dearest loved ones on the other side and help them share their messages with me, something that was a balm not only for my soul but for theirs. As if this wonderful 'tea with the otherworld' wasn't mind-blowing enough, she opened my eyes to my own gifts and made me feel truly amazing about my life path and what I am here to do... I still have shivers!! Gayla is an Earth Angel, of this I am certain. I could not recommend her more highly. Check out her page, like and share! And contact her for a reading of your own -- you will be *so glad* that you did!"


     Edmonton, AB


"The first time I met Gayla I instantly felt 'at home'. She is a passionate, beautiful soul who exudes a generosity of spirit, open-mindedness, transparency, and kindness for all beings. I love how she creates a warm, inviting space where speaking & listening from the heart is possible. I appreciate her wisdom, sensitivity, and the discernment she gives to the matters I bring before her."


     Environmental Educator,


     Chilliwack, BC


"I would really like to thank you Gayla for all that you have done for me and my daughter. I know you were going through your own life experiences and even through that you welcomed us into your home and helped ease our pain. You communicated clearly to my daughter from her lost love that all was okay and that he was still with her and was reaching out to her. You spoke of ways my daughter could recognize this and it helped her manage the pain she was feeling. Gayla, you created a relaxed and inviting environment for us and gave us as much time as we needed to communicate with my daughter's loved one. Thank you so much for being there for us, you are sincerely an amazing person."




"Gayla has inspired me to 'tune in' to my gifts as well as helping me to understand what my gifts are.

She is a truly amazing person bringing messages to those who need to hear from a loved one who has passed as well as helping others to 'tune in' to their gifts. She is my own 'Mission Medium'. I feel very blessed to have met her and have her support in my life."


     Mission, BC


"Gayla's guidance has helped me make some much-needed and profound changes in areas of my life which I thought were beyond my ability to change. She managed to make it easy for me. She broke the angels' messages down for me in ways I could understand and process, in the right way, at the right time. Gayla always manages to bring me peace when I am feeling unsettled."


     Abbotsford, BC


"Gayla is insightful, warm, and gifted with many talents. Her readings have always brought me hope and spiritual growth."


     Lake Country, BC

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